Ethan Suplee discusses what it was like working with a jacked Edward Norton on American History X.

Ethan Suplee has gone viral these past few months because of his incredible transformation and dropping over 250 pounds. But years earlier, Suplee was worked on American History X. A film that featured another incredible transformation in the form of Edward Norton portraying a Neo Nazi. To prepare for the role, Norton packed on some muscle and got lean. It was a shock to most who were used to Norton as a skinny non-athletic actor. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Ethan Suplee looks back at Edward Norton’s body transformation and what it was like to work with him on American History X.

At the time of the release of American History X, everyone was shocked at the physique transformation of Edward Norton. Looking back from the perspective of bodybuilding – Norton didn’t really get incredibly huge. This is especially true when you compare him to recent celebrity transformations for Marvel movies like Kumail Nanjiani. Regardless, for a usually skinny non-athletic actor like Edward Norton, the transformation was a shock.

That’s why we wanted to pick Ethan Suplee’s brain about working with Norton on the set of American History X. What was it like to work with a transformed Edward Norton? Did he have a gym somewhere nearby on standby to stay in shape? Did he pump up before his shirtless scenes?

Ethan Suplee also reflects back on what Edward Norton’s transformation really was. Which was not putting on too much muscle and really focusing on cutting fat and leaning out. With what we know about fitness today compared to back then, it’s interesting to see where our cultural bar for “transformations” have gone. Would the world have been as shocked by Norton’s physique had he shown that look today?

You can watch Ethan Suplee talk about Edward Norton’s physique transformation in our GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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