Expanding bodybuilding entertainment and coverage to the middle east and south Asia.

Bodybuilding is a truly global phenomenon gaining popularity in many countries all across the world. But the bodybuilding industry still has a lot of room to grow – and while it is known that many countries compete and celebrate bodybuilding… information does not flow as easily from every single one of these countries. That’s why we here at the Generation Iron Fitness Network are making it our mission to further expand the amount of bodybuilding information that is easily accessible. There are many talented bodybuilders that might not be able to show up at the Mr. Olympia or even compete in the IFBB Pro. That doesn’t change the fact that they should be noticed.

That’s why we are proud to announce Generation Iron Persia. A new sister site that will focus on all things bodybuilding in the middle east and south Asia. Not only will GI Persia present translated versions of our current original programming – it will also produce and distribute Persia specific original videos and publish local news and articles. Finally making Generation Iron more accessible to a certain part of the world.

Managed and operated by Ehsan Farahi, expect to see brand new original videos and shows as well as more engaging content focused on Persian territories and athletes. Check out this preview video below:

Generation Iron Persia is live NOW and you can visit it anytime by visiting generationiron.com/persia (don’t forget to bookmark it!). You can also subscribe to the official Generation Iron Persia YouTube channel right here so you never miss a new video launch!



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