nathan de asha joins gi headerThe new edition to the GI family.

The Generation Iron Fitness Network is proud to announce that Nathan De Asha has joined the GI family. In the very near future, the young IFBB pro will be featured in his own series with the network and will continue to grow and flourish under the Generation Iron brand. When it all comes down to it, The Generation Iron Fitness Network is all about giving bodybuilders from the most veteran to the most inexperienced a peak behind the curtain of professional bodybuilding and fitness culture.

GI has always been about exploring human potential. Potential is something that can’t be truly defined or quantified. Certain individuals are born with tremendous potential, potential to reach absolute greatness. Combining raw gifts with supreme work ethic is key to reaching the pinnacle of human potential. It’s a rare thing for an athlete to combine natural talent with dedication to preparedness. In the world of bodybuilding these individuals come few and far between. Despite that fact, young athletes are arising in the sport with the genetic gifts and tremendous dedication you’d often see in an Olympia champion.

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Nathan De Asha is one of those rare individuals.

Though he has only just recently began to make his ascent in the bodybuilding ranks, Nathan De Asha is already proving his worth as a pro. With the true potential to become a bodybuilding superstar, De Asha is hard at work in the gym with hopes of one day becoming the best of the best.

It’s this kind of work ethic and dedication to growth both physical and mental that makes the partnership between this budding new star and Generation Iron a perfect fit. As a GI Athlete, Generation Iron will be managing De Asha’s media, represent his entertainment interests, as well as managing his career in other major aspects in the industry. With his first Olympia appearance just over a week away, GI is proud to call Nathan De Asha one of our own.

With this new and exciting partnership both the GI Team and Nathan De Asha will be combining efforts to bring the masses refreshing content that will entertain and elevate the masses. Like fellow GI Athlete Kai Greene, expect to be seeing a lot more of Nathan De Asha in the weeks and months to come.

What are your thoughts on Nathan De Asha?

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