FAKE NEWS! Kai Greene is Not Making a Comeback at the 2018 Olympia

Kai Greene competing at the 2018 Olympia?!

With many of the major Olympia qualifying competitions already out of the way, many have now set their sights and attention on the 2018 Olympia. With major turn of events now changing proceedings, mainly the introduction of a People’s Olympia Champion, speculation as to who may be competing has been spreading like wild fire.

Many fans have been calling for Kai Greene to make a return to action as they seem to think that he would at least be able to secure a People’s Olympia Champion victory. In fact, some sources are going so far as the confirm that Kai Greene will be making a return to action at the 2018 Olympia.

While an Olympia return would be a pleasant surprise at this year’s show, we can confirm that Kai Greene won’t be competing at this year’s show. Does that mean we shouldn’t be expecting Kai to make a return to action period? For now only time will tell, but as always “The Predator” remains in some pretty serious condition and looks like he could step on stage at any time.

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Jacob Ladon
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