Fans Petition for Shawn Rhoden to Compete at the Olympia Despite Rape Allegations

Fans petition for Shawn Rhoden to compete in spite of rape allegations.

Things are taking a pretty interesting turn in the Shawn Rhoden case as fans petition for the reigning champion to compete at the 2019 Olympia.

With fans petitioning for the reigning Olympia champion to compete at the big show in September, could this potentially sway officials to allow Shawn Rhoden to participate?

In the wake of lower ticket sales for the 2019 show, could officials feel the pressure to allow Shawn Rhoden to participate in spite of the recent rape allegations he faces? After all, with 12,000 signatures for the petition it could mean guaranteed money. However, the current climate could be too much for officials to allow things to slide.

Shawn Rhoden is indeed innocent until proven guilty, but since the investigation is still ongoing, allowing him to compete could potentially set a dangerous precedent.

The petition at has received over 12,000 signatures already and appears to be steadily growing.

What’s your opinion on this developing case?

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