Favre Nutritions’ Eric Favre Arrested on Alleged Steroid Trafficking Charges

Eric Favre arrested in France for alleged trafficking of anabolic steroids

One of the top bodybuilding gurus and businessmen in France Eric Favre has been arrested, continuing a trend of top figures in the bodybuilding industry coming under fire.

According to the French news outlet Le Progres, Eric Favre as well as another suspect were arrested for alleged anabolic steroid trafficking.

According to Le Progres:

Eric Favre, the founding boss of the Trois Chênes Laboratories was arrested Tuesday at his home as part of a large investigation into anabolic trafficking for bodybuilders. He was indicted in the evening of Thursday, along with seven other people. A second suspect was locked up.

Eric Favre was remanded in custody in Corbas prison, the judge of liberty and detention fearing “consultations with his entourage, a concealment of evidence and a flight abroad” because “this financial nebula runs around his person “. The judge also took into account his criminal record, which includes five convictions since 2005.

This comes as a major blow to Eric Favre and his brand as the bodybuilding trainer and promoter is very well respected in the fitness industry. With connections to major bodybuilding figures like Lionel Beyeke and recent pro card recipient Morgan Aste, Eric Favre is firmly entrenched in the bodybuilding scene.

While details on the anabolic trafficking ring are still being investigated, it’s important to note that Eric Favre’s arrest is already causing waves in the bodybuilding industry.

Since Eric Favre has been arrested, the upcoming Eric Favre Festival Sport Sante, an NPC/IFBB Pro qualifier, has been cancelled. King Kamali was none too happy about the turn of events and posted the below to his Instagram page.

Eric Favre is still innocent until proven guilty.

Generation Iron will provide more details as they become available in this developing story.

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Source: Le Progres



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