The epic story of the Men’s Physique rising star Felipe Franco.

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Felipe Franco is a fitness icon in Brazil and considered the people’s chosen one by his countrymen. A Men’s Physique bodybuilding competitor on the rise, he became a Brazilian superstar gracing the covers of hundreds of magazines. He married TV personality superstar Juliana Salimeni creating the ultimate fitness celebrity power duo. Nothing was holding him back from his next step – international fame.

But then it suddenly all came crashing down. His relationship with Juliana faltered and eventually ended in divorce. This was a massive blow to Franco and the emotional toll it took on his life put a halt on his Men’s Physique bodybuilding progress. He as lost and couldn’t find the spark to reignite his passion and dedication towards becoming the best in the sport.

Felipe Franco: The Chosen One chronicles Franco’s rise back up recovering from the aftermath of his divorce as he attempts to qualify for the Men’s Physique Olympia. It also looks back at his origins toward becoming one of the greatest Men’s Physique competitors of all time. The film provides exclusive never before seen access into the inner works and life of the Brazilian fitness icon – and also showcases his new first steps towards becoming a Men’s Physique Olympia champion.

From humble beginnings in childhood through to his massive success today, Felipe Franco: The Chosen One tells the very human side of his story and showcases the hurdles overcome that made him the man he is today.


Felipe Franco The Chosen One

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