Hybrid Athlete Fergus Crawley Completes 5km Run & 500-Pound Deadlift In Under 20 Minutes

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Fergus Crawley continues to impress with his insane fitness challenges.

Fergus Crawley is a hybrid athlete that has taken on many insane fitness challenges in the past. He has been able to show off his strength in many ways over the course of his career. Crawley is extremely conditioned and can hold up in many challenges. Recently, he hit another by completing a 500-pound deadlift and 5-kilometer run in under 20 minutes.

Crawley began as a powerlifter and found immediate success early on. He was victorious during the 2015 World Championships and the European Championships the very next year. Crawley was not in powerlifting for the long haul as he left the sport to test his strength in many other ways.

Some of the challenges completed by Crawley have been incredible. He is one of two men to perform a 500-pound squat and one mile run in under five minutes. Crawley has also completed a 1,200-pound lifting total and full triathlon in one day’s time. This is known at the “1200Twelve” challenge.

Fergus Crawley

Fergus Crawley Crushes New Challenge

Fergus Crawley took to Instagram last week to initially announce his recent challenge. He shared different pictures and videos of the insane accomplishment before sharing the full video on YouTube.

“Next up… 👀

After a week of reflecting on what was a really good time lifting heavy and running (moderately) fast – I’m excited to keep pulling at this thread and really focus on my strength training alongside speedier running. “


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There have been other challenges taken on by YouTubers tracking progress with added cardio. Matt D’Avella walked 10,000 steps per day to see if it would change his physique. His weight fluctuated toward the middle of the month but he ended at the same weight as when he began. More recently, Tom Morley committed to running a 5k everyday for 30 days. His challenge was cut short due to a broken leg but he shared that he lost seven pounds and cut five minutes off his PR.

Fergus Crawley left powerlifting to test his strength in many ways. This includes becoming a better runner and he has done just that. In many of his challenges, Crawley has incorporated different forms of cardio and has been very successful.

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