Figure Competitor Says Bikini Fitness Is: “Almost Pageant With Muscles”

From Bikini to Figure.

Mikayla Custance recently finished second in Open Figure at the Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic, qualifying her to compete for a pro card at the IFBB Vancouver PRO/AM & EXPO Show in July.

Before Figure, Custance competed in Bikini Fitness, which she told Coast Reporter is “almost pageant with muscles.” In 2016 at Nationals in Winnipeg in 2016, she was told she had become too muscular for Bikini fitness, so she took a year off to re-evaluate. Now she is back and competing in Figure, which is judged more on the basis of muscularity. The Leigh Brandt Muscle Classic was her debut in the category.

Custance has been competing over a 6 year period, and calls bodybuilding a 24-7 commitment. She lifts five or six days a week, does cardio twice a day, and visits her coach Darren Toma every week. Overall she is happy with her finish:

“I was excited to come in second for sure because I was doing well in the other [category] and I hadn’t been on stage for a year,” she said.

Toma says it’s important to keep the second place in perspective as Custance’s debut.

“It’s a huge transition from bikini to figure. It’s totally two different things. You have to train your back and quads and chest and arms a lot more. With bikini you’re not doing a lot of volume for back and lats and just a little for your shoulders.”

He thinks that his client has the goods to excel in Figure.

“She’s got amazing body parts. Her back, her shoulders, her legs.”

The Vancouver event will be much larger and more competitive. It will give coach and client an idea of where they fit in the larger regional scene.

“It’s essentially a national championship. I think she’s definitely up for it… When she decides she wants to do it, she’ll do it. She’s dedicated.”

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