First Look At Dorian Yates’ Biography That Spotlights The Bodybuilder’s Wild Past

Dorian Yates is one of the more enigmatic Olympia champions in bodybuilding history.

On April 19, Dorian Yates will release his official biography: Dorian Yates: From the Shadow. Express Sport was granted a first look. The story is told from the voice of co-author, Kaspa Hazlewood, though sections of it are voiced in first person.

According to Express, the book takes its reader up through Dorian’s early life, his time in juvenile detention, first experiments in the gym, professional debut, retirement, and present situation.

The book hardly shies away from discussion of anabolics. Dorian tells how the health risks impacted his mind and relationships:

“She challenged me about the steroids once I started competing, asking if they were dangerous and, if not now, what about when I was 40 or 50. It’s worth remembering that my dad had died aged 42, my step-dad at 43 and these guys hadn’t taken steroids.”

He explains that the steroids were something like a calculated risk for an elite bodybuilder.

“I told my doctor I was taking steroids and wanted to have my health monitored…Someone like me who was monk-like pretty much, expect for the steroids, would have been far healthier than most of the people who stumbled through his door. He did pick up on my HDL [good cholesterol] being a bit low over time and my blood pressure being on the high side but just advised me to do it for as short time as possible.”

Some of the most compelling portions of the book will undoubtedly be Dorian’s descriptions of his championship level focus.

“I put myself in a trance before I even entered the gym. I’d lock myself in the office and go over the poundages from my last workout and visualise what I’m going to wear, how powerful I’m going to feel. I was not going to be distracted by anything – a fight with my wife, a bump in the car, whatever it may be. I refused to let anything interfere with my workouts.”

Of course Dorian has been hardly shy about sharing his story before. But in recent years he has become increasingly introspective and generous with information. The biography is sure to be a gold mine for any aspiring bodybuilder.

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