Flex Wheeler warns you to stay away from insulin.

FLEX ON ‘EM – is a weekly show starring Flex Wheeler as he digs deep into the biggest and most controversial topics in the bodybuilding industry. He will also give his expert insight for the most recent bodybuilding news, updates, and events. Flexin’ his decades of experience for enlightening conversation and must-see info.

This week on Flex On ‘Em, we ask Flex Wheeler is opinion on insulin use in bodybuilding. The answer we get is a very strong one. No one should ever mess with that kind of stuff. One wrong use can end up killing you. But it’s all part of a bigger problem. Bigger than bodybuilding or sports. It’s a part of today’s culture. According to Flex – people often look to much for a quick fix. A shortcut. A easy way to success. Hard work is less valued today – which is what makes a tried and true champion bodybuilder even more impressive in today’s world. Check out Flex’s complete breakdown of insulin in our episode above.



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