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Are bodybuilding gurus overrated?

FLEX ON ‘EM – is a weekly show starring Flex Wheeler as he digs deep into the biggest and most controversial topics in the bodybuilding industry. He will also give his expert insight for the most recent bodybuilding news, updates, and events. Flexin’ his decades of experience for enlightening conversation and must-see info.

There are a small number of bodybuilding coaches, commonly referred to as gurus, that stand tall as legendary. Names that are as iconic as the pro bodybuilders themselves. This is because gurus like Charles Glass or Hany Rambod train the best. They train Olympia champions.

But is it all just a coincidence? Would these pro bodybuilders have become champions regardless of trainers? Do bodybuilding gurus actually provide an added benefit or is it all just a load of BS? Flex Wheeler digs deep into this topic – as a pro who never relied heavily on a trainer, Flex gives a very honest blunt take on the much hyped up gurus. Watch the full episode above!

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