Strength Wars Movie

Flex Wheeler talks the insane mind games Shawn Ray would play on him.

FLEX ON ‘EM – is a weekly show starring Flex Wheeler as he digs deep into the biggest and most controversial topics in the bodybuilding industry. He will also give his expert insight for the most recent bodybuilding news, updates, and events. Flexin’ his decades of experience for enlightening conversation and must-see info.

We’ve all heard (and seen) Arnold Schwarzenegger’s epic mind games that he would play on Lou Ferrigno and other competitors back in his prime. It was a sort of psychological warfare that you can’t see as a spectator on stage. In this week’s Flex On ‘Em – Flex Wheeler reveals the kind of mind games he would engage in during his prime in bodybuilding. Unsurprisingly – it seems like Flex and Shawn Ray had some really intense psychological battles backstage and in between competitions. Flex also touches upon his cocky alter ego while he was training and on stage. Check it out in above!

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