Flex Wheeler on the pros and cons of the internet & bodybuilding.

FLEX ON ‘EM – is a weekly show starring Flex Wheeler as he digs deep into the biggest and most controversial topics in the bodybuilding industry. He will also give his expert insight for the most recent bodybuilding news, updates, and events. Flexin’ his decades of experience for enlightening conversation and must-see info.

The internet truly has changed the way the world works in every single facet of life. This of course holds true for bodybuilding as well. Bodybuilders and leagues can connect directly with fans… and fans can connect directly with them. This creates many pros for the industry but can also lead to a brand new set of cons as well. Only time will tell how this transition of technology ultimately affects the sport… but for now Flex Wheeler weighs in with his thoughts. Comparing his prime years (without the internet) to today – has bodybuilding become better or worse? Find out above!



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