Could Flex Lewis Become A More Dominant Champion Than Phil Heath?

Flex Lewis looked just as impressive as ever.

The 2017 Olympia has come and gone once again showcasing the best of the best at work on the pro stage. Not every year at the Olympia is filled with controversy, but this year a great number of fans and pundits were up in arms over the crowning of Phil Heath as Mr. Olympia for the seventh consecutive year. Many believed that Heath didn’t look up to par with his usual performances and that Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay deserved the win. Others believed that despite having an off year Phil Heath still was superior to everyone on stage. The controversy somewhat marred the event, but in the 212 division no such conflict existed.

For the sixth consecutive year, James “Flex” Lewis proved that he was the best 212 bodybuilder out there. He showcased his amazing musculature and posing prowess once more, his figure tight and lean as usual. Flex Lewis has been able to maintain the attributes that made him a champion and has even continued to make improvements to his physique.

While it may be hard to compare an Open Weight bodybuilder to a 212 competitor, the comparisons between Flex Lewis and Phil Heath often comes up after every Olympia competition. While Phil Heath has appeared to miss a step in his seventh win, Flex Lewis continued to look unbeatable with his sixth Olympia victory. It makes you wonder which man will end up being the more dominant champion.

It isn’t easy to stay on top in a game like this. There’s a reason that not many champions have been able to win more than a handful of times in a row. But with his sixth win, Flex Lewis has never looked better. Take a look at the post below to see his improvements.

With their respective performances now set in stone, do you think Flex Lewis is more dominant in the 212 division than Phil Heath is in the Open Weight category?

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