Flex Lewis Shares Massive Chest Day Workout

Former 212 Olympia champion Flex Lewis recently shared a huge workout for chest day.

Flex Lewis is one of the best bodybuilders in the history of the 212 division. He has taken some time away from competition but still destroys the gym on a regular basis. Recently, Lewis shared a massive chest workout to his YouTube page.

Lewis let viewers into a chest day of his. The amount of work that has been put in recently shows that the bodybuilder could be close to returning to competition. There have been talks of special things coming in 2022 for Lewis. This is especially true since he is reunited with coach Neil Hill. This is something that fans have been waiting for since Lewis last competed in the 2018 Olympia.

Lewis captured seven consecutive Olympia 212 titles from 2012-2018. The 2018 competition was the last time he competed before stepping away due to personal matters and different injuries. With 2021 coming to an end, Lewis should be back on stage soon and has been training hard.

This particular chest workout from Lewis is one that did not feature many exercises but plenty of reps. He went to work in his Dragon’s Lair Gym, along with Dom Cardone. Below, you can find the full list of workouts along with the rep count that Lewis completed for each one.


Standing Cable Chest Fly

Lewis began his chest workout with an exercise that stretches muscles and helps reach a full range of motion. This loosens up chest muscles and maximizes potential to build muscle. Lewis completed 22 reps of this exercise as a warmup before getting into heavier weight.

Seated Strength Machine Chest Press

The chest press machine helps target many upper body muscles and this is a reason it is one of the best exercises to work on chest day. Chest press hits pectoral muscles hard but also shoulders and triceps in the process. Lewis continued his workout by competing 21 reps on this machine.

Dumbbell Press

Lewis then went onto dumbbell press. He grabbed two 60-pound dumbbells and went over the the flat bench. He completed 16 reps while laying down followed by nine on the next set. The dumbbell press boosts overall strength. This is works the same muscles as the chest press machine but is a different variation. The dumbbell press requires a bit more control than a regular bench press.

Seated Machine Chest Press

The final exercise in Lewis’ workout is the seated machine chest press. He completes 27 reps on the machine. Lewis increased the number of sets throughout the workout. This specific exercise helps avoid errors in form and allows the lifter to keep control throughout the motion.

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