Flex Lewis Sports Monstrous Physique Ahead of 2021 Olympia

Flex Lewis updated fans on the progress he’s been making on his physique leading up to the 2021 Olympia.

It hasn’t always been easy for professional athletes to keep up with their regular standard of fitness during quarantine. Flex Lewis is one exception to the rule — his arms are looking absolutely massive and show insane vascularity ahead of the upcoming Mr. Olympia this September. Without access to the top-of-the-line gyms and trainers many bodybuilding pros have become accustomed to, we’ve seen some people slipping in their performance and the overall tone of their physique. Thankfully, Flex Lewis is not one of them. Check out some of the status updates he recently posted to Instagram to get a sense of where he’s at just a few months out from competition.



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What the Olympia will look like this year is anyone’s guess. The competition has got to be intense since many athletes have seen their professional opportunities outside of the gym restricted due to COVID-19 and have had essentially nothing to focus on but their training and fitness regimen. It’s possible that this could be one of the most competitive Olympia competitions in recent memory as athletes around the world focus their drive into one thing and one thing only: bulking up and then shredding down for the world’s most competitive bodybuilding stage.

Flex Lewis’s odds are looking great ahead of the competition, although obviously it’s still far too early to tell. It’s always a delicate calculation for a bodybuilder to make, since they have to maintain their physique throughout the year, but also have to make sure that they hit that peak-performance mark when they hit the stage and not before or after. That involves a complex amount of dieting, working out, and hydrating/dehydrating.

Flex has won the 212 division of the Olympia seven times and is the undisputed champion of the division. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to show at last year’s Olympia as he was still recovering from a shoulder injury and his coach and team felt it would be best for him to sit that one out. So, unlike other competitors this year, Flex has had a full two years of uninterrupted working out to tone his physique and maximize his muscles. Only time will tell if that works for or against him, since skipping the last Olympia obviously gave his competitors a chance to get better at competing on that stage. Flex already has proven time and time again that he’s a true champion of the 212 division, Flex has his eyes on becoming a “two-division Champ Champ” who can win first place titles in both the 212 and the Open. Who knows, at the 2021 Olympia, his wish may be granted!

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