Flex Wheeler hones in his training further as time grows short.

FLEX WHEELER: THE COMEBACK DIARIES – is a weekly show documenting the progress of Flex Wheeler’s comeback as he trains towards the Mr. Olympia 2017 in the Classic Physique division. Become a fly on the wall of Flex’s very own video diary to see the struggles and triumphs of returning to an Olympia-ready physique. Airs every Friday.

With just under three weeks left before the Mr. Olympia competition. Flex Wheeler is honing in his training and powering through some low energy vibes in order to stay on point before the Olympia 2017. As time keeps crunching smaller and smaller before the big weekend – everything needs to be perfect in order to bring his best package. Check out his progress in the latest Flex Wheeler Comeback Diaries above!



  1. Listening to Flex. I don’t think he really cares how he place in his up coming show. I think he wants to prove to himself that he has the ability to transform his body to better condition and inspire men of a certain age that we too have to the ability to be in shape and healthy no matter what our age is. I’m so proud of this champion. He will always Mr. Olympia in my book.

  2. Major Surgeries, out of the game for years and not to mention in his 50’s
    To look like that in your 20’s would be amazing.
    He will shrewd in the next two week, then oil and angles and his posing may place him top 5 , in the classic division


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