Strength Wars Movie

“I’m at war with my mind.”

FLEX WHEELER: THE COMEBACK DIARIES – is a weekly show documenting the progress of Flex Wheeler’s comeback as he trains towards the Mr. Olympia 2017 in the Classic Physique division. Become a fly on the wall of Flex’s very own video diary to see the struggles and triumphs of returning to an Olympia-ready physique. Airs every Friday.

This is it. We are just under a month away from the Mr. Olympia 2017 and it’s a key time for bodybuilder prep as we head into the biggest weekend of the year. But for Flex Wheeler – his entire comeback training was a key time after being retired for so many years. With just over 4 weeks out, Flex is focusing in on his lower and inner back training while also continuing to maximize his diet and cryo therapy for ultimate recovery. The battle never stops until the competition is over. Flex says it best – “I don’t give a damn what I look like today or after the show. All that matters is what I bring onto the stage.” Watch the latest episode of Flex Wheeler: The Comeback Diaries above.

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