Flex Wheeler gets cryo therapy and talks supplements.

FLEX WHEELER: THE COMEBACK DIARIES – is a weekly show documenting the progress of Flex Wheeler’s comeback as he trains towards the Mr. Olympia 2017 in the Classic Physique division. Become a fly on the wall of Flex’s very own video diary to see the struggles and triumphs of returning to an Olympia-ready physique. Airs every Friday.

Flex Wheeler’s comeback is different than an average bodybuilder prepping for the Mr. Olympia. Not only is he older than many of the other competitors but he also suffered many health emergencies and injuries over his bodybuilding career. This makes his training efforts and tactics different than your average bodybuilder. In this week’s episode, Flex goes to an expert for cryo therapy – a sort of extreme version of icing your muscles – so that he can continue to recover and train properly for success in the Olympia. He also talks about the specific supplements he takes geared towards his age group and tops it all off with some custom work on his car. Check it out in the latest update in the Flex Wheeler Comeback Diaries above!




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