Flex. Wheeler. Is. Back.

With majority of the world stuck at home due to social distancing measures – there’s no better time than ever to catch up or rewatch some of your favorite movies, series, and digital specials. That’s why we are dipping into the vault and re-highlighting some of our short and long form original content. Today we’re looking back at the epic return of Flex Wheeler.

There have been rumors for quite some time – but Flex Wheeler has officially announced it. He will be returning to the IFBB pro stage once again! Flex Wheeler has had one roller coaster of a life and a career. Facing many challenges both on and off the stage – Flex Wheeler was never able to nab a Mr. Olympia win. Yet people still consider him one of the best bodybuilding physiques of all time.

And perhaps NOW will be the time for him to earn the trophy he so well deserves. Get an inside look at Flex Wheeler’s decision to come back to the IFBB pro stage in this exclusive Generation Iron short documentary – where he meets up with Generation Iron 2 director Vlad Yudin, trains, and goes in depth about what the future holds for the legendary bodybuilder.

Watch the documentary above!

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