Flex Wheeler, Keone Pearson, and PJ Braun involved in major beef!

Bodybuilding rivalries are always pretty intriguing, particularly because it can be a rare thing in the industry. But from time to time the bodybuilding world will be turned on it’s head with beef that no one saw coming.

Enter the latest beef spreading around the industry.

Flex Wheeler, PJ Braun, and Keone Pearson all appeared to be on good terms, all working together as trainer, sponsor, and athlete respectively. Keone Pearson gained traction after his victory at the Arnold Classic and is on the rise in the Classic Physique division. It would appear that the partnership between he, Flex Wheeler, and PJ Braun has been fruitful.

Now it appears that has all changed.

Recently, Flex Wheeler and PJ Braun engaged in a venomous argument over social media involving the young talent Keone Pearson. The video courtesy of Desktop Bodybuilding showcases what went down between Flex Wheeler, Keone Pearson, and PJ Braun.

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