Flex Wheeler Does Leg Day Training With New Prosthetic Leg

Flex Wheeler is training legs like a pro with his prosthetic leg.

Bodybuilding can be a truly taxing endeavor. It requires a tremendous amount of sacrifice and dedication. Constantly putting the muscles of the body through tension in order to force them to grow. It takes a tremendous amount will, especially when you reach a high level.

Flex Wheeler, a true legend of bodybuilder, knows the kind of dedication required to build an incredible physique. The bodybuilding icon has had a long and storied career. Flex Wheeler showcased time and again how impressive a physique he’s been able to build. It took him patience and hard work to achieve his unreal physical form.

When the bodybuilding world learned that Flex Wheeler needed to amputate his leg, many were shocked and saddened by the news. Despite that, Flex Wheeler has been acclimating well.

Despite losing his leg, Flex Wheeler is still adamant about training. In fact, Flex Wheeler has made it back into the gym and is training legs like a pro.


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I will not be Denied ‼️ . . . LETS GO 😎 . . #dontgiveup @movementfitnesslv_ #pain #letsgo #godisgood #goodvibes

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Flex Wheeler isn’t letting his situation stop him. In fact he’s embracing his set back and pushing himself despite his difficult situation.

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