Flexatron: Becoming Shawn Rhoden is out now!

Our latest feature documentary, Flexatron: Becoming Shawn Rhoden, is now available on all major digital platforms! To celebrate, we’re releasing another exclusive clip from the film. This clip specifically dives into Shawn Rhoden’s mentality and drive. How does Shawn plan on surviving through all of his struggles and the chaos of the world around him. How does he plan on moving forward? When he enters the gym – he’s in control.

Flexatron: Becoming Shawn Rhoden is a documentary that chronicles the life story of Rhoden from his humble beginnings in Jamaica, through his depression and alcoholism, and climaxing with his comeback and eventual Olympia 2018 victory. It’s an all access look into the life and mind of Rhoden with never before seen footage and a behind the scenes look at his training before the Olympia 2018.

Flexatron: Becoming Shawn Rhoden is available now! You can grab your digital copy by clicking here or the banner below.

Flexatron Becoming Shawn Rhoden Watch Now

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