Floyd Mayweather Will Come Out of Retirement in 2020

Floyd Mayweather announced on Instagram last week that he would be returning to the sport.

Champion boxer Floyd Mayweather announced that he would return to the UFC in the 2020 season at 42 years old. Mayweather retired with an incredible 50-0 record, making him the third highest undefeated boxing champion of all time.

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Coming out of retirement in 2020

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We all remembered his legendary 50th win against Conor McGregor, a match that was heavily stacked in Mayweather’s favor as a boxer. But coming out of retirement at an advanced age — for a professional athlete, at least — has its drawbacks. Depending on who he’s set with for a return match, this could mean the end of one boxing’s great reigning undefeated champions.

Mayweather looks like he’s in great shape if that post is any indication of his current condition. Another match with McGregor would certainly be a huge cash windfall for the both of them. However, another surprising contender has thrown his hat in the ring:

Logan Paul recently lost his debut boxing match against YouTuber KSI, but it looks like he’s a glutton for punishment, or maybe just money. Even if it is pure fantasy, a Mayweather v. Paul fight is spectacular to imagine because of what a devastatingly brutal bloodbath that promises to be. Possibly the first time in UFC history a man dies in the ring.

Whatever the contender, it looks like Mayweather is still in good fighting shape to take on another challenge. It would be incredible to watch see such a talented fighter return to the ring.

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