Following In Father’s Footsteps, Hunter Labrada Looks Impressive Winning NPC Junior USA

Hunter Labrada had a strong showing winning at the NPC Junior USA.

There’s no arguing the fact that during the 80s Lee Labrada was one of the best bodybuilders to step on a posing stage. Labrada faced off with one of the all time greats of the sport, someone many consider to be the greatest of all time, Lee Haney. Lee Labrada was known for his incredible posing ability that made his performances look like works of art. Now his son Hunter Labrada is following in his footsteps and is acquitting himself well on stage.

Hunter has built a very impressive physique, much in the same way as his father. Labrada possesses a very classic look to his physique and noticeably doesn’t have the stomach bloat that seems to plague so many bodybuilders of today.

Hunter Labrada most recently competed in the NPC Junior USA where he took first place. Take a look at his social media posts of the event and follow the timeline of events that eventually led him to victory.

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