Forbes’ Fitness Trends Analysis May Surprise You

Forbes released a statistics-heavy analysis of certain fitness trends, and what they revealed may run contrary to popular belief.

Forbes did an analysis of recent fitness trends based on statical research and predictions of financial growth. While some of what they found seems like common sense to anyone familiar with these industries, some of the new workouts and technologies were wholly unexpected. Here are 5 major takeaways from the article:

5. Working out at home is on the decline.

People are working out at home less and less. New gym equipment and fitness technologies have made going to the gym to work out a vastly more appealing option. As an economic sector, home workout gear is on the decline. But there are a few exceptions to this trend: Peloton has been experiencing massive growth in its user base every year.

4. Technology is increasing interest in outdoor fitness.

Apps like Fitbit that help people work smarter and not harder are on the rise. Even though people are working out at home less, there’s an increasing in people using smart technology to work out alone, better. Sensoria Fitness is another fitness technology brand that manufactures armbands that help people track things like their heart rate and cadence count during a run.

3. The traditional gym is an evolving venue.

The “gym experience” is no longer just happening in gyms. People can now livestream workout classes to their home, which they prefer to watching pre-recorded tapes. Peloton is one of many companies that allows people to stream live gym classes while working out off-site.

2. Randomly, there’s a VR gym now.

Yeah, you heard that right: a company called Black Box VR is developing a VR experience that would turn going to the gym into a video game. Two birds with one stone, I guess.

1. The number one reason people go to the gym? Community.

A survey done by Forbes suggests that the number one reason people still go to the gym regularly is to work out and find a community. Even with all the new technology that’s out there, there’s still plenty of people who prefer the real deal.

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