Former Australian Prime Minister’s Daughter Frances Abbott Stuns As A Bikini Competitor

Frances Abbott is looking to get stronger.

Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s daughter, Frances, 26, surprised the nation when she turned to bikini bodybuilding and competed in her first competition in Melbourne last year.

Now she shows no sign of slowing down, as she revealed exclusively to Daily Mail on Crown Oaks Day in Flemington.

“I plan to compete again in March next year,” she told FEMAIL. “I’m looking to change federations and try something a little bit different. But I need to get stronger; that’s what I’m all about right now. Lifting heavy.”

“There are so many different federations, they’re all kind of different and they change slightly. The look of this federation is much more of a fresh off the beach bikini girl. It’s not a different type of training, so much as a different approach. It’s fuller in the muscles [as a look].

“By the time I got to the second round [of her recent competitions], I was maybe a little bit too bony and I think that was probably just my body responding to how quickly I approached training.

“But yeah, it’s really about knowing your body. There are so many things to think about, but I love it. It’s such an exciting experiment for me.”

Frances recently took to the stage at the Australian ICN Victorian State Titles competition, participating in the ‘first timer’ bikini fitness model division, and the ‘sports model’ category. She home participation medals at both.

“I don’t know much about this part of the industry, fitness is something I’m totally obsessed with and I just want to know everything, so I may as well soak it all up, do it myself.”

Frances has also been an outspoken proponent of marriage equality in Australia, working on a campaign, which she said was ‘interesting’:

“For me, it seems to obvious,” she explained. “I don’t really understand why it’s a debate. It was great working with the equality campaign. Fingers crossed for the 15th, it’s just gonna happen. It’s time for change.”

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