Ex NFL Player Offers Training Program… But Only If You Make At Least $150k A Year

John Madsen NFL player workout
Images via John Madsen Instagram

Former Oakland Raiders’ receiver John Madsen created a training program with specific guidelines.

Former NFL wide receiver John Madsen has created a training program and there are very specific guidelines, including your annual income. During an Instagram video, Madsen revealed that you must make at least $150,000 annually to partake in the training program.

Madsen is now the CEO of Supra Human, an online fitness company that deals with clients around the world. He spent three years with the Oakland Raiders despite not playing high school football. From 2006-08, Madsen played in 35 games, making four starts, and logged 19 catches for 248 yards and two touchdowns.

Madsen is now creating a new training program that he guarantees will get you shredded or you will get reimbursed.

“If you don’t get ripped, I’ll give you your money back, its as simple as that…

A month into 2024 and your fitness resolution is already about to flame out… again…

With less than 20 weeks to Memorial Day, You are headed for another disappointing and embarrassing summer.”

John Madsen Explains Fitness Program Guidelines

John Madsen began the video by laying out his very detailed guidelines, including yearly income.

“Number one, you make at least $150,000 a year or more. Why? Because we’re the most expensive fitness program that you’ll find. If you have a problem with that then this is not for you.

Second, Madsen wants clients that are ready to take their fitness goals to the next level.

“And number two, you can start, and want to start, right away. You’re tired of buying the Pelotons, you’re tired of buying the cheap programs, you’re tired of endless diets, you’re tired of the goofy group fitness programs.

If you want to be a savage in your body, just like you’re a savage in your business, I want you to click the link below to see how we get guys like you shredded in a short amount of time.”

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