Well isn’t this a while turn of events.

Former UFC middleweight title challenger Yoel Romero has been awarded 27 million dollars after winning a lawsuit against the supplement company responsible for his failed drug test. The company, Gold Star Performance, was responsible for Yoel Romero failing a USADA drug test back in 2016 due to their product containing Ibutamoren, a growth hormone stimulant. It is definitely a big win for Yoel Romero and for other fighters who have tested positive for banned substances despite the fact that the failed testing was due to tainted supplements.

Romero has long been accused of using performance enhancing drugs. This stems from the fact that his physique for a 42 year old man simply seems impossible to acquire without some form of help. But just like with bodybuilding genetics play a major role in a person’s physical attributes and aesthetics. From what has been seen, Yoel Romero has proven himself to be a clean athlete and this court case victory only further cements his claim of being naturally gifted.

This victory not only vindicates Yoel Romero but gives new hope to others who have failed drug tests in the past due to tainted supplements. Fighters being suspended for testing positive for unknowingly taking banned substances lose their opportunity to make a living for themselves and their family. Romero’s suspension for failing the USADA drug test had at one point prevented the Cuban Olympic wrestler and former UFC title challenger from earning a wage. This 27 million dollar award now grants him an opportunity that most fighters don’t have.

With this court case victory , Romero can now comfortably retire from mixed martial arts if he sees fit. Will he take the opportunity? That has yet to be seen.

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