Eddie Hall has gotten shredded!

Many individuals have the wrong idea on how extremely strong and powerful individuals look aesthetically. While we may have the Hulk and Captain America in MCU movies, the reality is that many strong individuals may not necessarily look like superheroes.

Take for instance strongman competitors. Many strongman competitors don’t particularly look the part. You won’t find bulging muscles, washboard abs and the height of human aesthetics here. Instead you find many competitors with a barrel chest, a thick set stomach, and overall heavy frame closer to that of a sumo wrestler rather than a lean, shredded action star.

One such competitor is former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall.

Since putting strongman competitions on the backburner, Eddie Hall Has decided to get himself into supreme physical condition. That’s right, Eddie Hall is on a mission to get shredded and lean. So far on his journey Eddie Hall has been acquitting himself rather well. He’s lost a tremendous amount of fat and his lean muscle that was hidden underneath that fatty tissue is beginning to show.

Eddie Hall’s transformation is a major wake up call for those who may have underestimated the muscularity of strongman competitors. Not only are these men strong, but they hold a tremendous amount of muscle on their frames, even if the evidence suggests otherwise.

Recently, Eddie Hall has been involved in a fat loss challenge. How has the challenge turned out for the former World’s Strongest Man? Take a look at the video to see the results of all his hard work.

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