Fouad Abiad Announces Retirement From Bodybuilding

Fouad Abiad will retire from bodybuilding and might make a move to commentate.

Fouad Abiad has officially announced his retirement from the sport of bodybuilding. The Canadian bodybuilder discussed his decision in a recent interview and spoke on his plan to potentially move to the booth as part of the broadcast team for the 2022 Arnold Classic.

The recent string of deaths in bodybuilding has been tragic and is bringing to light some issues that might be present in the sport. Abiad spoke on George Peterson and Shawn Rhoden specifically.

“George passed away and then Shawn passed away I’m like, you know what am I doing at this point? You know I’m 43, I’ve nothing to prove. And so I decided we did good work like I’m down to 260 this morning.”

Fouad Abiad has put together a career that has spanned over a decade. He has some prestigious victories in shows like the Vancouver Pro and europa Orlando Pro. Abiad qualified for the Olympia four times in his career and was a regular competitor at the Arnold Classic as well.


Abiad recently tore his tricep and this was an eye-opening injury. He continued to discuss how he does not want to do any irreparable damage to his body. Also, Abiad wants to work on becoming a blackbelt before he turns 50. At age 43, this gives Abiad seven years to achieve his goal.

“I just decided, like with everything going on health-wise with people, not to mention I got a blood workup about two weeks ago before I got sick, I got blood work done and I didn’t like the way it looked. Abiad said. It didn’t look very good, it looked a little worse than the last time I did it. You know blood work is all about trends and if the trend is not going horizontal or up then it’s not a good thing. Mine was starting to trend a little bit down, so I’m just gonna focus on being lean and looking good.”

“So I want to do something else, so my goal, and probably the people listening are going to laugh at me, but my goal is to be a blackbelt by the time I’m fifty. Abiad said I don’t know if that’s possible in 7-years. I’m gonna have to get down to like 210lbs, or 200lbs, I just need something to put my mind into or else I’m going to go stir crazy with nothing to focus on.”

Fouad Abiad will likely work on broadcasting the Arnold Classic. This is something we saw Cedric McMillan venture into back in September when he was forced to miss the competition due to an injury.

The recent decision by Abiad is one that has many reasons but mainly because the bodybuilder wants to focus on his health. It will be interesting to see if this is a decision that others follow moving forward.

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Greg Patuto
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