Generation Iron Frank Zane Drunk

Frank has a pretty unique post workout routine.

Frank Zane is one of the smartest, if not the smartest, bodybuilder there’s ever been. He stuck to a strict program and was the epitome of the aesthetic bodybuilder that so often dominated the scene in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. The man was a master of the vacuum pose and despite his smaller size in comparison to many of the mass monsters that have taken over the bodybuilding world, Zane was shredded and symmetrical like no other competitor in his time. The three time Mr. Olympia wouldn’t only dominate the bodybuilding scene, but was also a well respected professor and remains highly regarded even today.

Now some people have their different methods of post workout nutrition. Some people believe you should only have carbs after a tough training session, while others are advocates of consuming protein afterwards. Still another group would suggest that you eat both if you want to get some good gains out of your hours of torturous training.

Well, it seems like Frank Zane has a post workout nutrition plan that’s a bit unorthodox. Take a look at this throwback video featuring the former Olympia champ and get a glimpse into how exactly he handles his post training nutrition.


In all seriousness though, we’re sure Frank wouldn’t recommend putting alcohol into your diet plan. This obviously isn’t real life, but it is a bit surreal to see a bodybuilder as prominent as Zane in a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer commercial. Hey, everyone can use a tall glass of beer now and then, as long as it’s not so much that it cancels out your gains.

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Jonathan Salmon
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