Former Mr. Universe Gary Lewer Loses Appeal To Overturn Deportation Due To Criminal History

Gary Lewer will be sent back to the UK after being a resident of Australia.

Former Mr. Universe champion Gary Lewer will be deported after losing his appeal was rejected to overturn the original decision. Lewer, a bodybuilding champion, will be sent to the UK after his extensive criminal history has come to light.

Lewer, 66, accepted his criminal history, including a prison sentence on weapons charges from over 25 years ago. During his appeal, Lewer argued that there has been no change in his character since he received his previous visa in 2017. Police have said that they believe he is involved in criminal drug importation and manufacturing enterprise. He has never been convicted of said crimes.

In 2020, Lewer’s deportation was requested on character grounds by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton. Recently, it was Federal Court judge Justice Bernard Murphy who rejected Lewer’s appeal and upheld his visa cancellation.

Police have also said that he “possesses sound knowledge of police investigation methodology, is extremely disciplined in his criminal conduct to avoid detection and therefore is an extremely difficult suspect to investigate.” Lewer also has a conviction from 2004 when he was caught selling steroids.

Lewer began building a championship physique during the 1980s. He won the 1986 Mr. Australia competition, making it his second victory during the Australian National Championships. He has also competed in many other competitions, such as the Amateur Mr. Universe, over the course of his career.

Gary Lewer is a three-time bodybuilding champion who originally hails from Britain. He left at age five and did not take up Australian citizenship. He has been an Australian resident for close to 60 years.

There has been a petition started in hopes of “stopping this wrongful deportation.” The petition claims that Lewer did not commit a crime and that this is not the right decision. The final goal is to get to 500 signatures. The petition has already reached 387. The petition believes that this is an abuse of power by the police.

Gary Lewer was being held in a detention center during the process. Now, there is an answer on his future and it will be interesting to see if there are any more moves that he can make to stay in his home in Australia.

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Greg Patuto
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