Gauging the Chances for Justin Bieber Versus Tom Cruise in Proposed MMA Fight

Justin Bieber versus Tom Cruise?

That’s right, apparently Justin Bieber is in the market to stretch his legs in a mixed martial arts bow against world renowned actor Tom Cruise. The pop singer took to Twitter to throw down a challenge against the popular actor.

Now while Justin Bieber may have some experience in boxing, well at least some training anyway, he could find himself an uphill battle against Cruise should that fight take place. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but it’s interesting to speculate sometimes right?

Tom Cruise has been documented to have some wrestling experience in his background. Hypothetically speaking, if a fight were to take place Tom Cruise would likely have the grappling advantage seeing as how a Decent wrestler can control where the fight takes place.

Image Courtesy of TMZ Sports

Apparently bet online has Justin Bieber’s a 2-1 favorite against Cruise. no one should have faith in those odds, (well, no one should have any faith in this to begin with) especially since Cruise likely has a weight advantage on the pop star. Sure, Justin Bieber has youth on his side, which goes a long way, but Tom Cruise is a man known for throwing himself into the jaws of death just to make his action films feel more authentic. If you ask this writer, the kind of will it takes to perform death defying stunts could easily translate over to the Octagon should Tom Cruise actually accept the challenge.

It’s all a pipe dream at the end of the day, but if the fight took place could you say with one hundred percent certainty that you wouldn’t tune in?

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