Kai Greene is tired of the bullsh*t.

GENERATION IRON 2 – starring Kai Greene, Calum Von Moger, and Rich Piana premieres in theaters, DVD, & VOD on May 12th. You can pre order today for DVD & VOD and get a special discounted price. Deal ends May 12th.

Kai Greene has one of the most interesting journey’s of any modern bodybuilder. Covered originally in the original Generation Iron – Kai came from a troubled background and used bodybuilding as a way to a better life. “Thoughts become things” as it were. But now that he has achieved greatness in bodybuilding… he’s moving to much bigger goals.

Check out another new clip from Generation Iron 2 where Kai draws a line in the sand. The industry HAS CHANGED and Kai doesn’t know if he wants to deal with the bullsh*t.

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