How far do genetics take you? How much can they limit you?

Genetics are often seen as the dividing line between great bodybuilders and legendary bodybuilders. It’s understood that after a certain point you simply need the right mix of genetics to give your physique that perfect look. But how far doe genetics really go into creating the perfect bodybuilder? How much can bad genetics limit you? Can you overcome genetic limitations with enough hard work?

As we traveled the world for Generation Iron 3 – we asked athletes, gurus, and experts from different countries what they thought and their answers might surprise you. Kai Greene was even told to not bother working on his calves because “black men don’t have calves.” And that’s to one of the biggest modern bodybuilders in the world! Check out the exclusive clip from Generation Iron 3 above!

Featuring bodybuilding legends Kai Greene, Dorian Yates, Jay Cutler, and Rich Gaspari along with current competitors such as Regan Grimes, Hadi Choopan, and Brandon Hendrickson – Generation Iron 3 is available world wide on digital and DVD! You can order it by clicking here or on the banner below:

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