An exploration of Men’s Physique and if it’s an “easier” division.

To this day Men’s Open bodybuilding is still the crown jewel of all divisions. It is the most respected, brings in the biggest prize money, and is the headlining event at every competition. But this has also lead to many fans and even athletes believing that smaller divisions are “easier” divisions. Men’s Physique gets the most flack – mostly for not having their legs scored and allowing them to cover them up with long board shorts.

In Generation Iron 3, we asked athletes, experts, and gurus what they REALLY thought about Men’s Physique… and they held nothing back. Check out this exclusive preview clip from the film in which King Kamali and Dorian Yates just can’t help but make fun of the Men’s Physique division. Dorian Yates can’t even remember what the official name of the division is! Are you pro or anti board shorts? Watch the clip above and then let us know in the comments!

Featuring legendary bodybuilders such as Jay Cutler, Dorian Yates, Kai Greene, and Rich Gaspari alongside current competitors such as Regan Grimes, Hadi Choopan, Brandon Hendrickson and more – Generation Iron 3 will be available December 7, 2018! You can pre-order now by clicking here or the banner below:


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