Mike O’Hearn trains with Adrian Pietrariu and discuss the controversial aspects of natural bodybuilding vs enhanced bodybuilding.


Mike O’Hearn just might be the most impressive natural bodybuilder to ever exist. He’s so impressive, in fact, that many believe that his all-natural claims are false. O’Hearn has stayed consistent with his claims of being natural for over two decades.

While Mike O’Hearn no longer competes in competitive natural bodybuilding shows, he does take a great interest in the natural leagues and the continued evolution of natural bodybuilding as a sport. That’s why he mentors natural bodybuilder Adrian Pietrariu – a promising amateur natural bodybuilder who often decimates the competition. He’s already earned his pro card but has yet to make the leap into competing on the pro stage. Why? Because he wants to wait until he has hit perfection with his physique.

It seems that time is now as he prepares for his pro show as our cameras chronicle his journey towards the Natural Olympia. In this scene, Mike O’Hearn visits Adrian for a hardcore training session. In between sets, O’Hearn starts asking Adrian the hard questions about natural bodybuilding.

Specifically they talk about the popularity and “elite” status untested bodybuilders have achieved throughout the decades. O’Hearn prods Adrian, stating that many fans believe that natural bodybuilders are not the best because they are afraid to push their bodies further using PEDs.

Adrian Pietrariu disagrees. He thinks that enhanced bodybuilders are far from the best. The only thing they prove is that they are the best at cheating. To Adrian, being able to create an incredible (albeit smaller in overall size) physique without using PEDs is more impressive than anything an enhanced bodybuilder can do.

Mike O’Hearn and Adrian Pietrariu continue to discuss in detail the specifics of what is acceptable and what is unacceptable in the world of natural bodybuilding. Are there any instances where using testosterone boosters or steroids can be accepted in natural bodybuilding? What if a person is medically prescribed steroids by a doctor? Does that discount him from being able to compete?

Watch the full exclusive clip from Generation Iron: Natty 4 Life above and find out just how far the all-natural mindset goes for Adrian Pietrariu.

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