Generation Iron Supplement Awards 2020: Brand Of The Year

Generation Iron Supplement Awards Brand Of The Year

A big reason for doing the Generation Iron Supplement Awards is to acknowledge excellence in the sports nutrition supplement space. But it’s also to help you, the consumers, to know what is worth your time in a world filled with too many options. Not all supplements are created equal but it can be hard to know which ones are the best with hundreds of brands currently on the market.

We’ve broken down the awards into multiple specific categories to showcase excellence in those fields – ranging from protein powder through to weight management products. But which brands are the best overall this year? Our GI Experts have put together a short list of the best brands in 2020. Which deserves the honor of our number one spot? Read on to find out.

Brand Of The Year 2020: Performance Lab

Generation Iron Supplement Awards Brand Of The Year Performance Labs

Performance Lab is relatively new in the sports nutrition supplement market and have made a big impression with excellent products backed by science and studies. They don’t have the flash/bang attitude of many other competitors, but that’s how confident they are in the science behind their product.

They claim to have brand new forward thinking formulas backed by science in order to bring the most effective supplements on the market. And while they have specific branded names for these formulas – the truth is it all works.

With a dedication to making the cleanest and most effective supplements, Performance Lab has stood out as the best brand of the year. With a wide variety of supplements that all hit the right spot, Performance Lab is a worthy addition into your supp stack.

What You Can Expect from Performance Lab:

  • Performance enhancing ingredients that are potent and safe
  • Patented technologies to maximize absorption and bioavailability
  • Clean labels with no artificial additives, gluten, or preservatives

Why Performance Lab Won Gold in Best Brand of the Year:

  • Cutting edge manufacturing makes pure and effective supplements
  • Properly registered and third party validated
  • NutriGenesis process is innovative and mimics nutrient genesis found in nature
  • Multi-pathway nutrient combinations to unlock peak human performance
Generation Iron Supplement Awards Muscle Building Performance Lab Post


Performance Lab provides one of, if not the, best supplements on the market and is well worth adding to your stack.


Generation Iron Supplement Awards Brand Of The Year Staunch


Calum Von Moger is a man who is known for his style just as much as he is for substance. That’s the exact mentality that went into his sports nutrition supplement brand – Staunch. With appealing labels, colors, and names for each product, Staunch also delivers in the substance department with incredibly effective supplements.

When considering the entire variety of supplements that they provide – they are one of the most consistently excellent brands. There’s not a single dud in their lineup of products. If you need further proof look no further than Calum Von Moger himself. Staunch was a supplement company that was the answer to the dissatisfaction he felt in other products. Calum wanted a product that he could take himself and see the kind of insane results you have come to expect in his physique.

Staunch supplements provide efficient products for any kind of fitness or bodybuilding enthusiast. Whether you are a casual lifter or a competitive athlete, there is something clearly worthwhile in dedicating yourself to Stauch.

Staunch Vegan Protein


Though stylish, Staunch doesn’t sacrifice substance in their products making for an excellent brand all around.

Generation Iron Supplement Awards Brand Of The Year Enhanced Labs

Enhanced Labs

Enhanced Labs is a brand whose mission statement is dedication to revolutionizing what is possible in the world of supplements. While their products might be more targeted at hardcore bodybuilders, there is no denying that they succeed in providing powerful supplements perfect for bodybuilders.

As many of you may know, Tony Huge is a big name behind Enhanced Labs and his dedication to pushing the limits of human potential show through the expert formulas within their products. While it might not be for the casual fitness person, this is an excellent brand for anyone taking fitness and bodybuilding more seriously.

Enhanced Labs Anabolic IV


Enhanced Labs may focus more on hardcore bodybuilders, but there’s no denying their formulas work wonders for serious fitness consumers.

Generation Iron Supplement Awards Brand of the Year National Bodybuilding Co.

National Bodybuilding Co.

National Bodybuilding Co. made it as our winner in the best new brand category – and for good reason. The only reason they didn’t place higher on our list is due to the admittedly limited variety of supplements. But with time we can see them only impressing more as we head towards the future.

National Bodybuilding Co. currently offers protein, BCAAs, pre-workout, and multivitamins. Every single one of these products stood out as some of the best supplements currently on the market. You’ll certainly see them pop up a few more times throughout our awards category. For a company that just became established this year, they have left one of the biggest impressions on us.

National Bodybuilding Co. Vegan Protein


National Bodybuilding Co. has truly exemplary products only currently limited by a small variety of supplements. What is there stands out as the best.

Generation Iron Supplement Awards Brand Of The Year Transparent Labs

Transparent Labs

Unfortunately, in the supplement world it’s not always easy to know exactly what is in the product you’re buying. While the labels provide nutritional facts and ingredients, there are ways that brands find ways to mislead what you are getting in each serving. Transparent Labs, as indicated in their company name, is a solution to that problem. They dedicate themselves to fully transparent info on each product. On top of that, their supplements are all extremely effective to boot.

Trusting a brand is important, and our GI experts found that Transparent Labs lives up to the promise of their name. Their products are extremely effective, provide a wide variety, and are a must-have to include in your stack.

Generation Iron Supplement Awards Muscle Building Performance Lab Post


Transparent Labs lives up to their company name with full transparent labels and impressive supplements to boot.