Generation Iron’s Newest Team Member Margarita Ventura Blends Beauty, Strength, And Intelligence

The GI Team has a brand new member!

The Generation Iron family continues to grow as we welcome Margarita Ventura to the team. The Generation Iron Fitness Network prides itself on being diverse with both our content as well as the members of our growing staff and Margarita Ventura reflects that diversity.

Coming from an athletic background, Ventura has a deep understanding of the fitness world and culture. A former Alvin Ailey dancer, fitness model, and bikini athlete, Margarita Ventura’s experience in the WBFF, including a first place win in the Masters Bikini competition as well as taking second place in the Open Bikini division, gives her great insight into the world of fitness at a competitive level. Margarita is also a sought after personal trainer, group fitness instructor and life coach mentor. She also sports a professional background in fashion and advertising to round out her impressive resume.

It’s this kind of knowledge and passion that will further allow the Generation Iron brand to grow and offer content that our loyal fans want to see.

As a member of the Generation Iron team, Margarita Ventura is set to be your main source of fitness and bodybuilding news in our revamped GI News segment. As host of the new and improved GI News, Ventura will be reporting on all the interesting tidbits surrounding the fitness and bodybuilding world. You can also expect to see much more of Ventura as she lends her talents as an interviewer as well as bolstering future projects down the line.

Coupled with a deep enthusiasm and passion for all things fitness and bodybuilding, you can expect great things from the newest member of the Generation Iron family.

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