Genetically Gifted: Even As A Child Dexter Jackson Was Cut And Muscular

Dexter Jackson was apparently always jacked.

The topic of genetic potential is one that is constantly discussed in bodybuilding. Many believe that you can’t be the best of the best unless you have innate genetic potential. While this can be considered a cop out by many, there are some cases that just can’t be denied.

Dexter Jackson is a former Olympia champion whose nickname “The Blade” gives you a picture of why the man is considered to be one of the greatest bodybuilders around. Dexter Jackson is always jacked and shredded, giving the appearance that he is always stage ready even in the off season. Many say that the man was always genetically gifted and therefore born to be an impressive bodybuilder. While hard work and dedication certainly played their role, it can’t be denied that Dexter Jackson had a leg up on most competitors and a recent post on Instagram proves that sentiment exactly.

The Instagram post below shows what Dexter Jackson looked like as a child. From the looks of things, The Blade definitely was and still is genetically gifted.

What do you think of genetics and bodybuilding?

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  1. D most consistent and best conditioned pro for the last 20 years. Should have way more than 1 Mr O only for the mass monster, turtle shell belly craze that the judges are after. The blade is how a pro bodybuilder should look.


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