George Farah: “You can be healthy and be a champion but you must take your time.”

George Farah is a legendary pro bodybuilding trainer. A name that many know throughout the industry. But after Farah was diagnosed with cancer (and eventually recovered), his entire worldview changed when it comes to health and training in bodybuilding. When it comes to bodybuilders taking steroids and boosting their testosterone levels, this kind of long term use can lead to necessary testosterone replacement therapy for the rest of their lives. Farah believes that no bodybuilder should need to go through that. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, George Farah talks about how bodybuilders don’t need to abuse steroids to become a champion.

Steroids and bodybuilder are two words that often go hand in hand when discussing the sport. This became even more true after Arnold Schwarzenegger himself made a public statement asking for pro bodybuilding to be drug tested. While the sport as a whole does not condone steroid use, it does not test any pro athlete. It’s widely understood that an athlete can only achieve the kinds of mass monster physiques we see today through using steroids to enhance their bodies.

But is that true? George Farah believes that the amount of steroids being used by athletes and aspiring athletes is a real danger to bodybuilders’ health and the sport as a whole. Farah goes on to say that when he brings an athlete under his wing for training – he can almost guarantee that he’ll get them off gear and stay off of it.

George Farah then details how much having cancer changed his view on health and longevity in live. He details how the “we all die eventually” mentality is a foolish one because there are other health issues that can crop up beyond death. Health issues such as strokes, cancer, and other diseases might keep you alive but disable your overall life. And it’s not just you but the loved ones around you who will have to face the consequences.

George Farah circles this back to bodybuilding, steroids, and testosterone. He believes that bodybuilders today are being too risky with their health. He thinks that a bodybuilder can pull back on steroids in a big way and still be a champion. It would simply take longer. But that kind of patience is necessary because the alternative could be regretful health issues down the road.

You can watch George Farah’s full answer in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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