German Bodybuilder Jo Linder Sets The Record Straight About His Past Steroid Use

Jo Linder sets the record straight.

These days so many young bodybuilders are of the impression that doing a ton of steroids is the key to getting the ultimate physique. Time and again veterans will constantly reference the fact that without a dedicated mindset, an efficient program, and the willingness to push yourself to the limits, steroids will do little in the way of changing your overall physique.

We’ve seen a great deal of bodybuilders come onto the scene claiming to be natural in their approach, yet we find out months or even years later that steroids did play some kind of a role. While it’s naive to believe that steroids have zero effect on a bodybuilder’s ability to gain a tremendous amount of muscle, the advice remains the same from most individuals who have experimented with anabolic substances. One such individual is Jo Linder.

A German bodybuilder who has grown in popularity over the years, Jo Linder is a young athlete who has cultivated a great physique through countless hours of training and dieting. While his fan base may have been unaware of exactly how he’s been able to build up his physique to what it is today, Jo Linder has recently gone on record stating his experience with illegal performance enhancing drugs. Take a look at the Instagram post below of Linder discussing what he thinks about steroids.

While many individuals will continue to use steroids, it’s a good idea to research the subject matter and try to make gains before even considering using anabolic substances to get to want to be.

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