Get Through Hump Day With Bahkar Nabieva

Bakhar Nabieva has an unforgettable lower half.

Often times when bodybuilding fans think of a powerful lower half, bodybuilders like Tom Platz and Branch Warren come to mind. While they may be known for having some of the most impressive legs in the game at one point or another, it can’t be denied that there are some ladies with some impressive lower halves as well.

Enter Bakhar Nabieva.

With some of the most eye catching legs in fitness and bodybuilding today, Bakhar Nabieva has cultivated some muscular wheels through years of training. With Tom Platz being her idol, it’s no wonder that Bakhar Nabieva has built such an impressive set of legs. But her glutes are also equally as impressive and are assets that the Ukrainian is very proud of.

In honor of hump day, check some of Bakhar Nabieva’s most recent Instagram posts that will both amaze you with her impressive physical prowess as well as her physique.


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