Ghana Bodybuilders Samuel Kulbila and Collins Nyarko Team Up For Generation Iron 3

Ghana bodybuilders take center stage for Generation Iron 3.

Two of Ghana’s premiere bodybuilders are putting set to make their film debut as Samuel Kulbila and Collins Nyarko feature in the GI Team’s next project, Generation Iron 3. The two bodybuilders, alongside their fellow natural Ghanaian lifters, have cultivated impressive physiques through their willingness to train hard and push themselves to the limit. Now, their prepared to share their story with the world and it’s the GI Team’s distinct privilege to bring it to the masses.

Filming for Generation Iron 3 is already well underway and these Ghanaian bodybuilders are proving why they are held in such high regard. They have a powerful work ethic and despite not having the latest equipment have been able to improvise and put in some hard training in their personalized gym. Take a look at some of the footage shot for Generation Iron 3 featuring Samuel Kulbila and Collins Nyarko!

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