GI Athlete Ismael Martinez DESTROYS the Competition at Mexico Pro Supershow

Ismael Martinez could have a bright future in Men’s Physique.

New blood is always important in sports. It reinvigorates the game, allows for someone new that will give a different look. As far as bodybuilding goes, many of the champions on top remain that way for a considerable amount of time. But when a new face enters the fray it automatically raises the question on if they’re good enough to dethrone the established champion.

Jeremy Buendia has been the reigning Men’s Physique Olympia champion for quite some time now and it seems as if his reign may go uncontested, especially when you consider that’s defeated most of his rivals already. That’s why young new prospects entering their name into the conversation can be so important and intriguing.

Enter Ismael Martinez.

While he may be just working his way up the ranks, Ismael Martinez has proven himself to be a man to watch. A Generation Iron athlete with a ton of upside, the Men’s Physique hopeful recently dominated the competition in his native Mexico with a first place victory.

With crazy genetics and proportions, Martinez has all the gifts to carry him to the top of the division. With more wins racked up under his belt, who knows how far the young competitor can go.

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