GI Item of the Week: Step Up Your Apparel Game With These GI Gym Shorts

Step up your fashion game with this GI gear!

No man is an island and you can’t get things done all alone. Being apart of a team of individuals who have the same goals and the passion and desire to make them happen is paramount to an individual’s success. The GI Team extends to much more than our internal family, but also to the fans and dedicated athlete all striving to become the best version of themselves. GI is building and a movement and you can be apart of it too.

Looking to show that you’re a member of the GI movement? The Generation Iron store has got you covered with the GI Gym Shorts. Make a statement on the road or in the gym with this branded wear that will set you apart from the other athletes.

Get  the GI Gym Shorts at the Generation Iron store now!

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