A backflip gone wrong leaves a bodybuilder dead.

Sifiso Lungelo Thabete of South Africa, died tragically on August 11th while doing his signature backflip for the crowd at the bodybuilding show. He was only 23 years old and competed at 165 pounds.

It’s a tragedy for the international bodybuilding community.



  1. A lesson to all cronic people pleasers. Always think to know when or not to please people. To much excitement is not good for the soul. He let the applause and cheering on from the crowd get into his head which sadly hallucinated him to do a backflip in socks and on a very smooth somewhat slippery surface to death. RIP Champ.

  2. I’m sorry but being that huge you should not being doing backflips anymore. I mean sure when he was younger and shredded but he’s way bigger and it’s just so much he has to flip whether he does it all the time he should of gave up backflips along time ago. He’s not a gymnast or anything like that he’s a bodybuilder.

  3. Sad to hear, and God rest… Some people blame him for being foolish, but how many of us have done foolish things before? I had a friend who was killed in the engineering library by a piece of stiff paper cutting the side of his neck, as a 3-ring binder fell from a high shelf. When your numbers’s up….

  4. Would have been better doing a forward roll, laws of physics says that moving that amount of mass up and around 360degrees is not easy.. Poor guy though,,

  5. He is actually good at doing the back somersault but maybe the homeland croud frenzy could have distracted him.Shame .May his soul rest in peace.Gone.Such great talent at a tender age.

  6. I’ve trained Tae Kwon do on those matts. Helluva slippery. His feet slipped when he went for the back flip and the rest is history. So sad that nobody there was familiar with those matts.

  7. DAMN…. Reminds me of a Japanese/Chinese gymnast who was doing her routine on the uneven bars at th Olympics. She misjudged a maneuver and fell from teh bars onto her head and was paralyzed from the neck down…TRAGIC. Now this guy…..

  8. Everyone’s calling him stupid, but it’s just an accident. The move is risky sure, but so is driving a car. We still do it every day and 99% of the time nothing goes wrong. Just like he’d done this flip hundreds of times with no problem

  9. have a look.. just before he needs to lift his legs past his head to complete the flip, its as if he freezes… as if during the flip he lost consciousness or something… even on the fall there was no action from him trying to stop the fall or turn to his stomach… its as if he was out in mid air… check the video and look..


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