Golden Era Bodybuilding Legend Jusup Wilkosz Has Passed Away

One of the legends of bodybuilding, Jusup Wilkosz has passed away.

The Golden Era of bodybuilding has produced some of the most impressive athletes to ever step onto a posing stage. From Sergio Oliva to Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane to Franco Columbu, the Golden Era has featured some of the most iconic bodybuilders that still inspire generations today.

Another of those bodybuilders was German IFBB Pro competitor Jusup Wilkosz.

A weightlifter who eventually found his way to bodybuilding, Jusup Wilkosz demonstrated a truly impressive physique. Winning the Mr. Universe title on a number of occasions as well as breaking into the top ten in the Olympia, including coming in third place in 1984, Jusup Wilkosz was truly one of the greats during the Golden Era.


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Unfortunately injuries would lead to the end of Wilkosz’s career before reaching his peak potential. But despite his career ending early, Jusup Wilkosz acquitted himself well throughout his career and is still an inspiration to many today.

Sadly, it’s been reported that the bodybuilding veteran has passed away. The news has been confirmed by his family who updated his Instagram with a message to his fans.

Generation Iron extends condolences to the family and friends of Jusup Wilkosz a true legend of bodybuilding.

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Jacob Ladon
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